4 lipca 2022

międzynarodowe seminarium Supporting Transitions – the role of career guidance

Międzynarodowe seminarium Supporting Transitions – the role of career guidance

Starting date of the event: 15.09.2022
Ending date of the event: 16.09.2022
Event venue (city, country): face to face, Belgrade, Serbia

Working language: English
Sector: School Education SCH(SE), Vocational Education and Training VET(VET), Higher Education HED(HE), Adult Education ADU(AE)

Priority: Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)

Themes and goals: 

This seminar will focus on career guidance and counselling (CGC) activities designed to support students’ transitions from one level of education to another and from education to labour market.

Career transitions have certain similarities at different levels of education. These common elements, as well as specificities related to each level, will be explored in expert presentations and interactive workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge of some key concepts in the field.

CGC practitioners from different educational institutions will gather to discuss different approaches, common challenges and ways to support students through cross-sectoral and international cooperation.

Expected results:

    • Achieving a better understanding of the students’ and learners’ needs in transitions
    • Gaining new ideas for activities, tools and projects to support students and learners in transitions
    • Networking, building partnerships and exchange of ideas and best practices between participants
    • Raising awareness of the importance of the cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of CGC in order to ensure continuous opportunities and support to students and learners on each educational level and pathway

Additional information:

Participants from abroad: During the event, the organizer covers the costs of accommodation for 2 nights (September 14 and 15) and meals, refreshments and cultural programme.

Participants from Serbia: Foundation Tempus refunds 95% of travel costs on and accommodation for 1 night (September 15) for participants who do not live in Belgrade. During the event, the costs of meals and refreshments are covered.

Number of participants: 30

Profile of participants:

CGC practitioners active in SE, VET, AE and HE institutions, teachers, school psychologists, pedagogues, career counsellors and other professional associates. It is preferable that participants have experience in CGC and basic knowledge of the field. Active participation in English is expected from participants.

Warunki uczestnictwa:

Wydarzenie w pełni finansowane ze środków programu Erasmus+. W szkoleniu mogą wziąć udział osoby pełnoletnie, których profil zawodowy oraz profil instytucji odpowiadają tematyce i celom wydarzenia, a stopień znajomości języka, w którym prowadzone będzie wydarzenie, pozwala na aktywny udział. Obowiązkowe jest uczestnictwo w CAŁOŚCI wydarzania.

Dysponujemy 2 miejscami na to wydarzenie dla polskich uczestników.

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